Metal, Alternative

Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Ostatnie logowanie: 03 kwietnia 2010

Data rejestracji: 03 kwietnia 2010

Licznik odwiedzin: 1820


!NSULT is the way of expressing or rather pay back all the best world could lay upon You. Distaste, abhorrance, hate and disapointment with the world. Except for world wouldn't shout it in your face as !NSULT does. And one more thing... World wouldn't do it even half strong as !NSULT.

!NSULT is band created in 2006 by five people who besides sharing the vision of the world, shared the love to music as one of the ways of expressing themselves. The band was formed to play alternative metal, and is keeping on doing so up till now. After tour around Poland band decided that the world is ready to get to know what !NSULT is. Low guitar chordes, based on heavy drumming supported by melodic vocals that is not affraid to use scream as a method of expession.

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