My Ocean

My Ocean

emocore, post-hardcore, southern rock, experimental, jazzcore

+375 (29) 275-64-75

Minsk (dolnośląskie)

Ostatnie logowanie: 23 czerwca 2009

Data rejestracji: 23 czerwca 2009

Licznik odwiedzin: 1982


The band was set up at the beginning of 2005 in Minsk, Belarus. After a year of rigging up the first songs were finally released within a selftitled EP (Sep, 2006).
In the course of the next year My Ocean played a number of shows all over native Belarus, then underwent some changes in it's stuff and was ready to move on. This shift and months of hard work had the result in the second CD - a maxi-single «To Find» (Dec, 2007), which included a brand new track, the remake of a hidden song from the first EP and two cover songs.

And here is some facts of 2008:
- played lots of shows in Belarus promoting "To Find CDM" in April/May
- recorded few tracks for upcoming split in June/July
- played at Red Alert Open Air supporting AGNOSTIC FRONT in August
- did a supportshow for WALLS OF JERICHO in September
- presented debut music video "To Find" in October
- toured the Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Czech in October/November
- did a supportshow for CALIBAN in November
- did a craziest weekend trip with guys from YAiMS! and Rise&Shine in November

Since March 20th our "3-way Split" with "Hills Have Eyes" (Portugal) & "Last Reunion" (Japan) which was released through RockElite Records (Germany) is avaiable on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other online media services!

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