We are trying to find some gigs - SHADOW of TELEVISION


We are trying to find some gigs - SHADOW of TELEVISION
Hey !
We are punk-rock band from Slovakia, called SHADOW OF TELEVISION. We think, that you can be interested to make a gig for us in your city. We are planning tour in Germany -> Poland -> Lithuania -> Poland, starts on 26th June. Our requirements are not difficult, we need only some money for gas. We are relatively known in Slovakia and Czech republic, you can find some articles about us on http://www.kidsandheroes.com. We have already done one studio album, released two years ago, and the last month we released a 7" vinyl on Czech label Papagajuv hlasatel records https://papagajuvhlasatelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mayday . We play around Slovakia many gigs, in Czech republic too. So, do you organising some gigs? Do you think that you can make a gig for us?
Thank you, Shadow of television
Data dodania: 09:04, 11 marca 2015 autor: SHADOW OF TELEVISION
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