Nashville Harp And Guns aka S-F

Nashville Harp And Guns aka S-F

country,rock, babe,love,banjo

Nashville Tenesese (mazowieckie)

Ostatnie logowanie: 18 grudnia 2006

Data rejestracji: 15 października 2006

Licznik odwiedzin: 2412


We are J.J Fiction and A.J Science from U S and A eehaa and we are playing crazy fifth dimentional country rockandroll bitch!

We like pretty girls from southern and eastern California dude!(from other states also...)We would like to spread love all around this country and also we like to make romances inside beatifful ladies....

And if Uare asking me to describe our music werbally... its impossible cause our music comes from inside of our spoiled hearts and damaged brains...its like fifth dimention-pure energy!

Now we are far away behind highest mountains in Iowa on our rancho playing banjo and mandollin, raissing our chicken and warming up our heads to crate amazing music for preetty girls and our fans around the world!

Dont forget about PJ Sparrow who is our friend from Texas(rifle seller)and together we are Nashville Harp and Guns indeed!

EeeHaa! bye nasty Fuckers!

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