Ukraine; Lutsk (lubelskie)

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Musical group “Viscula” was founded in 2002 in Lutsk city (one of the regional centers of western Ukraine) and is one of the most well-know funk groups of this country.
“Viscula” : Nazar Valthuk - vocal
Vitaliy Malyshko - guitar
Borus Nespay – bass guitar
Ostap Suhotskiy - drummer
Concerning Ukraine the group has a permanent touring schedule of their concerts. They are welcome in the best Ukrainian clubs and are constant guests of such festivals as: “I and guitar” – Rivne city; “Premiere” – Kherson city; “Rock-south” – Nikolaev city; “Sumy rock-fest” – Sumy city; “Rock island” – Kharkiv city; “Rock-valise” – Simferopol city; “Up-fest” ,“Red Ruta” ,“Other measuring” – Lutsk city…
Musicians represent their new program “10th Wonder of the World” (in English language) on different international festivals: “Together to the top” – Wzheshnya city, Poland ; “Chelmstock” – Khelm city, Poland; “We play Together” – Pleshev city, Poland and in the club “U Grudku” …
And as a result of this some of the “Viscula’s” songs get to the rotation on radio stations “Lublin” , “Kalish” in Poland and audio-collection “Together to the top” .
“Viscula” takes part in the international projects of different types. This is the creation of joint compositions with groups “Etanis” (Poland) and “Scrausa Bestia” (Italy); musical accompanying a German bard singer Klaudia and a Polish rap group “Soloprojekt”; and a joint jam sessions with progressive rock group “Augustbehn”.

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